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What are some unique “warehousing New York” logistics problems, and how can you select a warehouse-storage-delivery partner that can help you get around them?

First, remember that New York City’s shipping, freighting, and delivery matrix is one of the most complicated in North America. NYCs roadway system, shipping and docking and freighting networks, and railways were all developed ad hoc over the course of the past 200+ years, and thus New York City is plagued by innumerable “transportation idiosyncrasies.” These idiosyncrasies range from counter-intuitive shipping requirements to convoluted toll and highway fees to bizarre weight and height restrictions on trucking in the burroughs. Your warehousing New York partner should know these problems – and their solutions – intimately.

Your warehousing New York logistician should also be deeply familiar with the laws and regulations which govern the pick up, storage, and delivery of your type of cargo. Not all warehousing operations are keyed up to deal with all freighting requests. Some specialize in international delivery. Others focus on freighting exclusively in New York City proper. Some provide extensive, customizable storage facilities. Other offer standard, relatively limited storage but give massive discounts for long term business. Anticipate what New York City-specific problems you expect to encounter at every stage of the delivery process, and assess your candidate warehousing New York company’s abilities to handle the most difficult parts of your request.

No warehouse operates in a vacuum. Any candidate partner should have a solid NYC support network that provides security, tech assistance, and even outsourced help with custom logistics. Find a firm that has good city connections and that has been vetted by other customers and industry peers.

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