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Let’s look at some of the keys to developing a simple and effective Long Island warehousing system.

One cardinal rule of warehousing is that the more specific and refined your storage goals are up front, the easier it will be to pair up with a solid Long Island warehousing company. This doesn’t mean that you need to know all the spoilage stats associated with your products. Nor does it mean you must have encyclopedic knowledge of permit rules, delivery schedules, and maintenance requirements. However, bear in mind that every warehousing job is in a sense a custom-tailored job. Thus, the more info you provide, the more quickly your warehousing company can map out possible logistics solutions.

When sussing out Long Island warehousing options, look for a provider who offers support during both the installation and implementation stages. Get your timeline down on paper, and know your plan modification costs. For instance, if you need to change your delivery schedule last minute to accommodate a rush international order, will your Long Island warehousing facility be able to handle the uptick in shipments, and, if so, how much more will you have to pay for the rapid storage? Finally, look for a partner with relevant industry experience and up to the minute tech support and help desking. Particularly if you need a flexible warehousing system, your ability to interface with key personnel at the warehouse is mission critical.

All this said, remember that cultivating a lasting relationship with your Long Island warehousing systems provider is a long term proposition. You’ll need to learn from one another. To maintain a flexible logistics architecture – give yourself some wiggle room in your shipping/storage/delivery schedule to work out any kinks that may arise as you get into the nuts and bolts of warehousing. This will reduce stress on both ends and hopefully lead to a seamless integration of efforts.

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